Thankful Thursdays: mug bowl, running and running clothes

17 Nov

I know I’ve been silent the past few days. To be honest there’s been nothing interesting going on. But it is Thankful Thursday so I figure it’s time to break the silence! πŸ™‚

I’m thankful for organic instant oatmeal (this is Nature’s Path brand). It’s easy and a nice breakfast when its cold and gloomy outside like it has been the past few days.

I’m also thankful for that awesome mug bowl. My parents got it for me as a present a while ago and it’s so awesome and fun to eat oatmeal and soup out of.

I’m thankful for jumbo notecards that make the perfect list making medium. I already have a list set up for the weekend. The all important Breaking Dawn show times are listed too so I can make sure to squeeze in time to go see the movie. Don’t laugh, I’m really excited. haha.

I’m thankful I finished off my candy corn stash at work today. I love the stuff but I just couldn’t let it last past Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful I got out there and ran tonight despite the flurries (ugh I wish I was kidding), wind, early darkness and super cold weather. You never regret a workout. ever.

I’m thankful that when Old Navy was running a crazy sale on activewear I took a risk and order a couple pairs of their compression pants, that are basically running tights. They ROCK. in fact, the tank tops I ordered rock too. I’m going to be Β putting an Old Navy gift card on my Christmas list I think.

What are you thankful for today?

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