26 Nov

Oh man, having a four day weekend rocks. It’s only Saturday!

Thursday’s thanksgiving meal was good. We went to a local restaurant because it was just a small group of family – my dad, grandma, the hubby and me. My brother and mom are in Hawaii because my brother just moved over there post-college. Β So we took the easy route to avoid dishes and excessive cooking time. It was actually completely DELICIOUS. Corn bread stuffing (it was my first time trying this – so good), a yummy pasta dish, lots of cheese and crackers, mashed potatoes, salad, mixed veggies and amazing desserts. I tried a little of everything – except the meat dishes of course. There were actually a ton of options for vegetarians which really impressed the hubby and I. For dessert the hubby and I filled a bunch of plates with a little bit of everything. This was the aftermath, haha.

The waitress even let us bring the leftovers home so we have a lot of sweets for snacking all weekend!

After our crazy meal the hubby and I both passed out at home for two hours. I woke up, got something to drink and fell back asleep. I guess I was pretty tired.

Yesterday the hubby and I had a Thanksgiving Part Two planned. We had bought a Tofurkey and a Quorn turkey roast and planned to make vegetarian stuffing and gravy. We made lots to ensure lots of leftovers.

Today the hubby and I spent all morning cleaning the apartment and decorating for Christmas. I didn’t want to decorate too much because all of our decorations are in my parents basement right now, but I pulled out a few things, including our mini tree.

Last year the hubby and I lived apart over the holidays (which sucked for the record) due to our job situation. We purchased a small fake pre-lit tree so that I could still have a little bit of the holidays at my apartment. We decided to pull it out again this year because we haven’t bought full sized large tree yet (we probably will at the end of the season this year) and didn’t want to deal with a real tree in our apartment. so mini tree it is! It was also nice to hang a bunch of ornameents we got as wedding gifts. I can’t wait til next year when we have a house full of decorating to do though. That will be nice.

I’m off to get in a quick run and shower and then do some serious relaxing.

Enjoy your saturday!


5 Responses to “Post-Thanksgiving”

  1. toosoxy November 26, 2011 at 3:44 pm #

    that sounds fabulous! how did you make the veggie gravy?

  2. amanda @ There Are 2 Sides November 27, 2011 at 10:05 am #

    It did look good!!!


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