Back at it

28 Nov

Back to work!

At least I attempted to holiday-ify my cube with this little USB powered Christmas tree.

I found it when I was going through our Christmas decorations this weekend and thought it would be the perfect addition to my cube!

I’m off of a running training plan right now since the 10k was Thursday and my next big race isn’t until May. So I’m going to focus on getting in 6 quality workouts a week – I usually only end up getting in 5 or 4.

My workouts this week:
Monday – Run 30 min
Tuesday – Heated Yoga 60 min
Wednesday – Run 30 min
Thursday – EA Active arms n abs (I haven’t done this in forever, I need to get back at it)
Friday – Zumba 60 min, Run 30 min
Saturday – Run longer than 30 min
Sunday – Rest


I’m excited because on Sunday I’m volunteering at a local half marathon. I’m really looking forward to giving back to the running community and be a part of the race experience without the anxiety of being one of the runners.

Enjoy your Monday!


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