Rainy Tuesday

29 Nov

Ew, its cold and rainy outside today.

Luckily I got in a 30 minute run last night. Check that one off the list!

Planned workouts this week:
Monday – Run 30 min
Tuesday – Heated Yoga 60 min
Wednesday – Run 30 min
Thursday – EA Active arms n abs (I haven’t done this in forever, I need to get back at it)
Friday – Zumba 60 min, Run 30 min
Saturday – Run longer than 30 min
Sunday – Rest

I was out running by 5pm in my reflective vest to get as much of it done before it got super dark as possible. I ran the most random path last night – trying to stay on sidewalks (which are sparse in our neighborhood) since it got dark about 10 minutes in. If I had used my garmin it probably would have looked like a bunch of overlapping circles. There was only so many places to go – haha.

Dinner last night was boring, leftover thanksgiving “turkey” and stuffing and leftover alfredo spinach lasagna. Tonight I think we’ll actually have to cook something again.

After dinner I curled up on the couch and watched the Sing Off finale while eating a sugar cookie bar and drinking a cup of sugar cookie tea (from Celestial Seasons – their holiday flavors). It was nice. And I won’t say the winner in case you’re still catching up, but I definitely feel that the right group won. They were the most talented, had the most potential for selling records, and you could just tell how much it meant to them.

Enjoy your Tuesday – stay dry if it’s raining near you. And if it’s not, I’m jealous.


One Response to “Rainy Tuesday”

  1. Amanda @ There Are Two Sides November 29, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    It is WET around here, the rain is not stopping

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