Thankful Thursday: A Mental Health Day

8 Dec

Almost the weekend. Almost the weekend. Repeat it with me. It’s time for some thanks.

I’m thankful that I finally committed to taking tomorrow off from work as a “mental health day.” I need it. I plan to sleep in, go to Zumba at noon, get the grocery shopping done and sit on my butt.

I’m thankful for the fun noodles I used for a pasta dish earlier this week. It brought a little smile to my face. Some food is just more fun to eat than others.

I’m thankful that I have some fun plans for the weekend, including shopping with an old friend and baking tons of Christmas cookies. It’ll probably make the weekend fly by even more quickly though. But I guess that’s why it’s especially good I’m taking tomorrow off.

I’m thankful that though it snowed last night, the roads are clear and the sun is out today. I’m hoping to run outside tonight. Even if it’s below freezing.

I’m thankful for organic grapes. I have eaten 2 lbs in week. They are so crisp and sweet it’s unreal. I don’t know if it’s the organic-ness, the time of year, or what but wow. I’m picking more up at the store tomorrow. and maybe some clementines too.

I’m thankful that our Christmas shopping is done, the cards are mailed and the decorations are up. All that’s left to do is bake! You know how I love crossing things off of my list, even this time of year. It’s nice to have the apartment Christmas-ified!!

Workouts planned this week:
Monday – 30 minute run
Tuesday – Heated yoga (60 minutes)
Wednesday – EA Active arms and abs
Thursday – 30 minute run
Friday – Zumba
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Longer run


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