My mental health day

9 Dec

Good afternoon!

My mental health day off is going well.

I started the morning by unintentionally waking up with the hubby. I bummed around for a little, ate a quick breakfast and went to the grocery store around 9:30. It was so empty – I loved it, haha.

Then I came home, put the groceries away and bummed around some more before heading to Zumba at noon.

It was a good workout – the instructor even pulled in a zumba-fied version of Jingle Bells. haha.

When I got back home after Zumba I was STARVING. Lunch was random. Leftover pasta w. rosa sauce and leftover brussel sprouts.

I’m gonna hang out until the hubby comes home and then we have a few errands to run.

I’m really really glad I took today off of work. I’ve been feeling kind of overwhelmed at work, like I needed a break. Yesterday morning I also got news that a friend of mine from high school passed away, and that just sort of pushed me over the edge and I decided to take today off – for myself and my mental health. I also didn’t end up running last night – I just didn’t have it in me. I needed to just curl up with a movie and the hubby. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Workouts planned this week:
Monday – 30 minute run
Tuesday – Heated yoga (60 minutes)
Wednesday – EA Active arms and abs
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Zumba
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Longer run

Enjoy your Friday! Hello weekend!


2 Responses to “My mental health day”

  1. Kathy December 9, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

    I envy your day off. 😉 Last year, I worked from home and had a very flexible schedule so I was able to go grocery shopping and to the gym in the middle of the day when it was dead too. LOVED it. And now I miss it.


  1. Lots and lots of cookies « Diary of a slow runner - December 12, 2011

    […] weekend started on Friday with my mental health day. Friday evening, a BIG box was delivered to us. It was… our new CAT TREE! I joked with the […]

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