I have no voice

13 Dec

I woke up this morning and went to say something to the hubby, and my voice sounded raspy. It was easier to whisper.

I don’t know what happened to my voice but work has definitely been interesting today. I don’t feel sick at all so there was no point in staying home, but I preface every conversation with “sorry I’m losing my voice so I can’t talk very loudly.” I’m just hoping maybe it’s from the air in the apartment being dry because of the heat being on, or just some passing thing.

I’ve been sipping tea all morning and sucking on Ricola. Hopefully I won’t wake up tomorrow and feel like I was hit by a bus.

Lunch today is Thai leftovers! My favorite. We ordered Thai on Sunday for dinner and I had enough green curry w. tofu and veggies left to bring it for lunch yesterday and today. YUM. My coworker claims it would be super easy to make at home – just veggies, curry paste and coconut milk – I’m just not sure if I want to try cooking with curry.

My run last night was awesome. I told the hubby I had to just get changed as soon as we got home and get out the door and not think about it. I did exactly that and it felt great. Once I warmed up the cold didn’t get to me at all. It was funny though, since it was so cold and dark I got SO “suited up” to run. Running tights, long-sleeved wicking shirt, running jacket, headphones, reflective vest, headband, watch, gloves. It took a while to get out of it all once I got home.

Despite my raspy voice, I’m still planning to go to heated yoga tonight. I feel completely fine – I just sound awful. I’m actually kind of hoping that the sweating will help. I often go for runs when I have a small cold to “sweat them out” and it helps a ton. I have no idea if this is actually sound medical advice, but I know it works for me.

Workouts planned this week:
Monday – 30 minute run
Tuesday – Heated yoga (60 minutes)
Wednesday – EA Active arms and abs
Thursday – 30 minute run
Friday – Zumba
Saturday – Longer run
Sunday – Rest


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