Thankful Thursday: Christmas Vacation

22 Dec

Happy Thursday!

Today was my last day of work until 2012, so I was thankful for many things.

I’m thankful that my boss thought we should have a breakfast meeting today. 2 hr lunch meeting until 11am + plus being told we can leave at 12:30 = 1.5 hrs of work. SWEET.

I’m thankful today was dubbed PJ day at work. This meant that half of the 1.5 hrs I was at work was spent gathering all of the other participants and posing for fun PJ photos. It also meant I was super duper comfy at work for the 1.5 hrs I was there. Who needs jeans when you can wear pajamas?

I’m thankful that I work for a university. We get Dec 23rd through January 2nd off, paid, without using vacation time, since the university is closed. Super awesomeness!

Okay I’m going to stop bragging about my awesome work situation, sorry about that.

I’m thankful I’m feeling much much better today.

I’m thankful that I went to yoga tonight. I feel noodley and it was good to sweat for the first time this week. I feel awesome right now.

I’m thankful that we have lots of fun plans for the next 11 work-free days (oops, I slipped, sorry), including visiting with family, going to a few parties, lots of running, yoga-ing, gift giving and lots of eating.

Enjoy the rest of your thursday!!


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