The day after Christmas

26 Dec

I hope your day yesterday was great and filled with fun and family, if that is what you had planned.

We had a good, lazy, relaxing Christmas over here.

We spent the day at my parents house with some family that came into town. I got a couple of fun fitness related gifts – a head lamp for running at night, a running vest (for when it warms up a little) and Zumba for the wii! I’m so excited to use my new gear. πŸ™‚

Today we got to sleep in again, and spent the morning/early afternoon bumming around. I did get out for a 30 minute run to start my plan for speed though. I also ran a few errands and we ordered a few odds and ends online that we’ve been needing but wanted to wait for Christmas gift cards to do so – more sports bras for me (yay! review of them coming soon) and a rice cooker for both of us (super excited about this).

The hubbys sister is coming into town tonight to spend a few days. It’s going to be another couple of days filled with food, movies, wine and more food. I’m hoping to take her with me to hot yoga tomorrow though, so at least there will be some sweating going on. πŸ™‚

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting the next few days, but I will be around since I’m off of work until the 3rd, so if I can squeeze in time for a check in I certainly will.

Enjoy your Monday!

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