Goals for the first bit of 2012

6 Jan

I thought long and hard about doing a New Years Resolution post like the ones so prevalent on blogs the past few weeks. I kind of  find resolutions to be daunting. The word “resolution” seems so big and life changing.

I also feel like goals that I tend to set are shorter term, focuses for just the next few weeks or months instead of the whole entire year. Goals tend to change throughout an entire year (at least for me).

But all that being said, I do think there is value in setting some goals and seeing how I’m doing on them ever few so often through out the year.

So here are my goals for at least the first bit of 2012, until I feel like I need to change them.

– Work out 6 days a week (3x running, 1x yoga, 1x zumba,  1x strength). I’m so glad to have found Zumba and Yoga during 2011. It  really helps me to have balance and get my sweat on more often. When I purely focus on running I find that I burn out really really quickly.

– Drink more water!!!

– Run at least 3 half marathons. I’m super excited for this one since I already registered and got my hotel booked for the Pittsburgh Half. I also recently WON an entry into the Cleveland Half! I randomly entered a twitter contest they had, and the prize was entry into any of the races! I had been toying around with registering for this one again because I loved it so much last year, but I was hesitant because it’s just two weeks after Pittsburgh. But after winning, I decided why not? I want Pittsburgh to be my awesome performance race and Cleveland to be more for fun. I can’t wait!

– Get more consistent with calorie tracking and get a good idea of where I’m at with my daily intake and burn. I struggle with understanding just how to track what I burn on a daily basis but I’ve got some tools that I’m using to help me understand this better. Ideally I’d like to loose a few lbs in the process, but if I just get a better understanding of what I’m putting in my mouth, I’ll consider this one a success.

– Close on a house. Sayonara apartment living.

– Pay off the hubbys car. Ideally we hope to pay off his car before we start having to pay a mortgage, which is a pretty aggressive goal but I think we can do it.

– Build more savings. Why is this not a good idea? 🙂

– Learn to code via http://codeyear.com. I don’t need to code in my current position but went to school for Information Technology, so I think this would be a great way to refresh my knowledge and develope some more skills that would help me do my job. The premise of the site is that they email you a little coding lesson once a week. Sounds easy enough to me!


4 Responses to “Goals for the first bit of 2012”

  1. mizunogirl January 6, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    THat sounds great.
    Is Pittsburgh Hilly? I heard the full was. Thatis so so cool that you WON entry to the cleveland Half!

    I have a few 5 k’s planned and the Seaside Half Marathon (where the awesome-ness is nice tshirt, nice medal and free Vera Bradley tote all for 90.00). After that I want to reevaluate everything and start looking towards doing a full. I had a crappy full in the past so I am leery of the full again.

    Have you looked at any of the Halves in South Central PA? I have wanted to run the Hands on Half, in lancaster. Not so sure still about Hershey.

    • Becca January 7, 2012 at 2:34 pm #

      From what I heard, Pittsburgh is not nearly as hilly as it COULD be, considering that it’s Pittsburgh. I’ve heard that you go over the bridges, which is basically the majority of the hilly ness. I heard that the full is more hilly than the half. They haven’t posted the course/elevation charts for thsi year yet though.
      I honestly haven’t really looked in south central PA. I’ve done RnR Philly (it was my first half), and I would love to do the Broad Street run. I haven’t really looked beyond that.


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