Monday randoms

9 Jan

Good Morning.

So I’m still not sure that I learned the difference between hot power yoga and regular hot yoga but I do know it kicked my ass. I think I’m ready for more though. My muscles were shaking for a few hours after class yesterday. it was crazy.

In other news, the hubby, my dad and I all signed up for a Warrior Dash! It’s this summer, actually two days before my birthday, and I am psyched. I’ve always wanted to do one of these!

Also, my Steelers lost last night. In the most painful way possible. What a crappy way to end the season.

www.nataliedee.comOh well, at least I can watch the rest of the playoffs without really caring about who wins?

Planned workouts for the week
Monday – 30 min easy run
Tuesday – 6×400 speedwork
Wednesday – Rest (happy hour that day after work)
Thursday – Yoga
Friday – EA Active abs n arms + Zumba
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 6 miles

Have a good Monday!


2 Responses to “Monday randoms”


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