Some new furniture

5 Mar

Good Morning!

I’ll admit I’m still feeling a little down today. Waking up yesterday and not having to prep for a long run really sucked. But I’m counting down the days until I see the cardiologist – just a week to go – and trying to focus on house stuff so I don’t feel completely directionless or bored.

This weekend we made some pretty big house-related purchases!

We bought a mattress and box spring – I was so excited to find out about these SleepID beds since I love a soft bed and the hubby needs a firm one. We found one for an absolute steal and pulled the trigger. We have been sleeping on a Full mattress since we got married and I can’t wait to have a Queen sized bed and have a little bit more room. We still need to get a frame though – we just didn’t see anything we really liked for a good price.

We also bought a living room sofa and matching chair.ashleycircataupe(source)

We didn’t really plan on purchasing living room furniture yet, but stumbled upon a furniture store when looking for a bed frame and found this set that was exactly what we were planning to get. The hubby and I both love the fact that it has a chaise lounge attached – and you can actually switch the side it’s on of the couch, which allows for some more flexibility in how we set up our living room. We still have some more furniture to get for our future living room but this was a good start.

We spent a good portion of yesterday sleeping (we were exhausted from going to a bazillion furniture stores on Saturday) and then continued to pack. We tackled some of the kitchen last night – it amazes me how much stuff is in a kitchen!

I’m off to get some work done. I hope your week is off to a good start!


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