Traveling yoga!

20 Apr

Happy Friday! End of the week, yess!
Work has been crazy for me this week and its left me exhausted at the end of each day. Here’s a few highlights from my week though…
Last Saturday I planned on a 9 mile run. Well my garmin died about half way through and I ended up found 10.25. No complaints here! I’ve got 10 planned for tomorrow, and then its taper time!
Tuesday was zumba time. I’m still loving it.
Wednesday I had a girls night, which was perfect timing because work was the craziest Wednesday afternoon. I had wine and lobster risotto, which hit the spot.
Thursday I went to “traveling yoga.” As a group we walked to various spots around town and at each spot did about 10 mins of yoga with different instructors. At the end of two hours we ended with sun salutations at sunset. The yoga was great and the weather was sunny and gorgeous. It was pretty amazing to be practicing outside. And very eye opening – here were other people walking around and staring at the group and I seriously could not have cared less what other people thought. It was get freeing.
Thursday I also had the most amazing salad ever.


Greens, a sliced apple, candies walnuts, a blue cheese wedge and an apple vinagrette. I am on a mission to recreate this when ever possible. It rocked. And it kept me full for a while too.
So that was my week in a nut shell. This weekend I’ve got a 10 mile run planned, a 5k race on Sunday (that I’m just planning to do for fun) and we seriously need to buy some blinds for the house…getting changed in the closet is getting old.
I hope you have a great weekend!


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