Changing running fuel

23 Apr

Gooooood morning.

I woke up to snow this morning. snow?!WTF?! It’s freaking late April Mother Nature. and it’s snowing. it’s not accumulating, but still.

moving on…

I ran a ton this weekend. it felt good. but it feels even better to be tapering!

Saturday I ran 9.5 miles. I was supposed to do 10 but for some reason it ended up a little short, whoops.

Sunday I did a 5k. 37:12 was my final time, which I’ll take. My legs were tired, and I really tried to book it. Not a PR by any stretch but the best time in a while, a day after a 9.5 mile run, so I’ll take it. Total mileage for the weekend was just shy of a half marathon, which I’m pretty confident is good prep for the Pittsburgh Half in two weeks!

The hubby and I did a bit of online shopping this weekend, for house stuff and running stuff. I got a pair of compression shorts, ordered some Gus for my upcoming races, and ordered a pair of running shoes since the model I’m currently wearing are on super sale because of the newer model coming out. I’m so psyched to get it all and I will definitely be sharing them as I receive them. Lots of packages coming to our house this week! 🙂

Speaking of Gus. Until this training cycle, I’ve been using Clif Shots (the gels) for my running fuel during long runs. I had the opportunity to try some Gus, so I went for it, and I love love love the Vanilla flavor. Unfortunately I ran out a few days ago (thus the online order for a box of them) but I had a few Clif Shots left over and decided to take them on my long run on Saturday. what a mistake. The texture made me want to hurl as soon as I ate them. Luckily I didn’t, but I was shocked how much my palette/texture preference has changed. Go figure!

In other random news, I registered for the Philly Color Run. I’m going to do it with a few friends and it should be a blast! Between the Warrior Dash and the Color Run I think I’ve about hit my quota of unique-for-fun races for the year. 🙂

Anyhow, I hope your week is off to a good start – snow or no snow!


One Response to “Changing running fuel”

  1. Faith @ For the Health of It April 24, 2012 at 3:42 pm #

    Hey Becca! Just found your blog from one “slow” runner to another – you rock! Are you getting psyched about the half? It sounds awesome!

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