First time spinning

13 Nov

Last weekend I went to my very first spinning class. It was a 50 minute class, with all proceeds going towards Ride to Recovery – a program that supports rehabilitation programs for wounded veterans. I found out about it because my boss’s wife was teaching the spinning class, so myself and three of my coworkers signed up. We thought it would be a great low-pressure way to get our feet wet in a new form of exercise while benefitting a really great cause.

When we got to the class the instructor was awesome and helped us each adjust our bikes to the ideal heights for us. It was so sweet of her to do this because it definitely made me feel much more comfortable. The bikes are a little intimidating if you’ve never used them before!

At the start of class she turned the music up and the lights down. It created a really cool environment where you were really focused on your own progress and not anyone else in the class. She then explained the planned ride for the class, and showed us a drawing of it she had created. It was two big hills. yikes!

About five minutes into starting I was always feeling tired. My legs had never worked that way before. But then as the class went on and the instructor led us through upping the resistance to go “up” the hills, and lowering the resistance to go “down” them I quickly lost track of time. She led us through various positions on the bike – standing, sitting, different hand positions and such. It was also really motivating to see the instructor break a sweat just like the rest of us.

Oh the sweat. I don’t think I’ve sweated that much in 50 minutes before. I was so glad I had the foresight to bring a towel and a full nalgene of water. It was a great workout.

The next day the area below my knees was super sore (probably from the standing spinning) and my thighs were obviously pretty sore too.

I would definitely spin again, but it’s not something I could do regularly while trying to focus on running. It really shredded my legs. But it was a lot of fun too and I think it would be great as a form of occasional cross training.


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