Easy eight

17 Nov

Alright… I am typing this from my kindle fire, because I’m lazy like that, but I applogize if formatting and stuff is off.

I ran eight easy miles today around 9. I procrastinated hoping the temperature would go up a little bit from the 29 degrees it was at when I woke up. Thank goodness it did-i still had to wear tights, a long sleeved shirt, my vest and gloves but I was pretty comfortable. Anyhow, its crazy/awesome how your perspective changes as you build mileage. Eight miles felt like a walk in the park compared to the 17 last weekend.

After my run I ran a few errands and started on laundry. I am currently hanging out on the couch, where I plan to remain for the rest of the day if I’m not switching the laundry out. 🙂

In random news, my husband noticed that I was using my kindle to look up recipes frequently (thank you Pinterest). So he had the idea to somehow mount it on our kitchen wall above the counter. We found this mount that attaches to the wall using those 3M sticky strips, which is awesome because if we ever want to removed them we can. And the Kindle just sort of slides into it so there’s nothing permanently attached to the Kindle either. It is really awesome and has already gotten a ton of use. I feel super high tech in the kitchen now, ha.


Pretty cool right?

I’m off to switch the laundry. Have a great weekend!!


2 Responses to “Easy eight”

  1. mizunogirl November 17, 2012 at 4:57 pm #

    very cute idea your husband had, and sooo practical! Glad your 8 went well….

  2. Tricia November 21, 2012 at 9:46 am #

    Fabulous idea!

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