Friday Friday

14 Dec

The comments on Wednesday’s post were good ones, a few even offered up a couple of products that may be helpful. It’s always good to be reminded to be safe when you’re out running by yourself. It’s unfortunate it had to happen due to a real life situation though. The last update I’ve heard is that they still haven’t caught the attacker, but the woman was released from the hospital, can talk and is doing okay. Thank goodness.

Now to something a little more light-hearted…. the weekend! I’m pretty psyched for the weekend because tomorrow I’m baking cookies all day with my mom and Sunday I’m hoping to get in a run (yay!!!).  It should be a fun weekend. It’s also our last weekend before Christmas festivities kick off (starting with the hubby’s family coming to visit next weekend) so it’ll be a good opportunity to take a deep, relaxing breath before it all starts. 🙂

My foot is feeling much better, I’m walking with no issues now, and on Sunday I’m planning to go out and run and see how far I get. There’s 8 on my training plan but I don’t want to push it if I’m not feeling it. It’s much more important for me to get in my last longer run in 2 weeks than this shorter run. I’m really looking forward to getting back to it next week, as long as everything goes well. I’ve missed sweating!!!

Have a good weekend folks!


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