Year-end update on my goals

3 Jan

Last January I wrote up my Goals for the first bit of 2012. I don’t like to call them resolutions per say – because I feel like that means they’re set in stone and can’t change if you’re interests, etc change. I didn’t end up changing any of them after all. 🙂 Now that 2013 is three days old I wanted to post how I did with my 2012 goals.

– Work out 6 days a week (3x running, 1x yoga, 1x zumba,  1x strength).  This was a half win. I was successful with running 3xs a week pretty consistently and doing zumba once a week. Yoga was pretty much a fail though, as was strength training. Though I did pick up kickboxing.

– Drink more water!!! Not going to call this one a win – I wish I had been much better with this. It sounds silly, but sometimes I’m just too lazy to refill my glass/water bottle. Lame excuse though, I know.

– Run at least 3 half marathons. CHECK. Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Bird In Hand. Bonus, I also became a half fanatic. Woo!

– Get more consistent with calorie tracking and get a good idea of where I’m at with my daily intake and burn. While I didn’t get any better at tracking it (using My Fitness Pal), I have been much more conscientious and used a heart rate monitor to learn what I burned doing various activities.

– Close on a house. BIG CHECK. We closed on March 16, 2012. Yay!

– Pay off the hubbys car. CHECK. We were able to pay off his car before our mortgage bills started rolling in, which was a huge win.

– Build more savings. CHECK. We did pretty good here too, considering we moved into a house and had all the expenses that come along with that. We were able to open up supplemental IRA retirement accounts for each of us so that we can save more for retirement (our plans through work limit us somewhat with how much we can contribute). We also have a good chunk saved up to finish off the basement of our house.

– Learn to code via Partial check. A group of folks at work got together a group to walk through some PHP (a web programming language) tutorials, so I participated in that rather than going through by myself.

Overall I’m feeling pretty good about how I did with these goals. But there’s always room for improvement. More on that later. 🙂


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