A Warmer Monday

11 Feb

Happy Monday guys!

I’m actually having a pretty good day today. Mostly because it is finally sunny out, and according to my car, the temperature is in the 40s!


Yay for some warmer weather here in central PA!!

Anyhow, our weekend was pretty relaxed. It was the hubby’s birthday so we went out for dinner a few times, enjoyed some birthday cake and watched Silver Lining Playbook. My husbands family is from around Philly, and he grew up around there, and they are also 100% Italian so it was interesting to see some of the cultural similarities between his family and the families in the movie.

I also did a little shopping and ran some errands I’ve been putting off. I went to TJ Maxx, and man that place was a gold mine for fitness related stuff! I picked up some 5 lb weights (for doing the 30 Day Shred) and a cute headband, and a bright orange running cap for the hubby (he runs on the trails during hunting season so he needs to wear that blaze orange pretty frequently). I also noticed they had fuel belts for pretty inexpensive as well as gloves for lifting weights, kettleballs, etc. I’ve always had luck with them when looking for work out clothes, but I had no idea they were also so awesome in the work out accessories! 🙂

I got in six easy miles on Saturday on the treadmill. It took me 1:21:xx which I’m decently happy with since I took it real easy. I took a full on rest day yesterday. But it was hard. Sometimes I just get on such a roll that I’d rather work out in all my free time. I know rest days are important though so I took one.

This morning I had 4 miles on my schedule with a few 1/2 mile intervals.
I did the speedy 1/2 miles in 5:45 and 5:46. Overall the 4 miles took me 53:40 which I’m pretty happy with. The treadmill makes it pretty easy to stay on pace so I really hope the weather continues to clear up so that I can run outside this weekend!


One Response to “A Warmer Monday”

  1. Jen February 11, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

    NIce job on the running 🙂 Smart to take the rest day!

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