Race to Remember: Staten Island Half Marathon (Guest Post)

17 Mar

I got so many great guest posts that I’m going too continue posting them this week. This one is by Kasandra who blogs at Urban In Suburbia.


Hi my name is Kasandra and I blog over at Urban In Suburbia where I blog about my running escapades all while juggling work and school.  Just this past January, I made my one year “runniversary.”  One year of running and I have run over thirty races, six of them half-marathons! Apparently I like to go big or go home.

My favorite race to date is the Staten Island Half Marathon which occurred last October. I used to live on Staten Island and my mom still lives there so not only did I get to run through my old neighborhood, I got to see my family afterwards!
The weather that day was cold and overcast, with clouds threatening to rain.  I had worn multiple layers but I was still cold.  Despite having run hundreds of miles, mile one always sucks. Seriously – every time I think “why am I doing this?” But that feeling goes away as it comes. Staten Island is pretty flat which made for a nice, non-complicated run. Mile 2 I had to stop to use a port-a-potty… and I did, but the line was so long that it ate 15 minutes of my time. But I did not care. Miles 3-5 flew and at the 10K mark, I felt great. Miles 8-9 seemed to kind of drag, but I was in single-digit territory, and that is all that mattered. At mile 10 the clouds opened up and it began to pour. I did not let that stop me – I kept on going even though I was pretty sure I was slowly turning into a popsicle.
By mile 12, I was running along a bus route that I have taken countless times going to/from work.  So as I got closer and closer, I ticked off buildings to the finish line. At mile 13, I was thrilled to see the finish line. My niece jumped in jumped in and began running with me. Wegrabbed each other’s hands and raised our hands in victory as we crossed. And she even got a medal too!
si half mile 13
What really made this race so memorable was that this was my first half where I did not stop to take a walk break; it was on my old turf; and my niece ran with me at the last 100 meters or so. Bonus: According to MapMyRun, I got a PR of 2:15!
si half medal
I cannot wait to run this race again this year!! But in the meantime I got two more halfs and a marathon to train for! Check out my blog to find out where I am running next!
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