Friday Fitness Recap – March 29

29 Mar

This week wasn’t as great on the fitness stuff as I had hoped. Partially because I’ve felt pretty crappy the past few days (sometimes it really sucks being a woman…). But I did get in a good long run last weekend and a strong 6 miler, so those I feel good about.

Saturday – Rest
Sunday –  9.25 miles outside! Felt pretty good for the first 7 or so, then I started feeling the effects of the longer mileage.
Monday – 1.5 miles on the treadmill. Had 6 planned, but opted to foam roll and ice since my shins weren’t feeling too great.
Tuesday – Instead of my planned 3 miler I did the 6 miles of speedwork that was supposed to be done on Monday. Felt good and strong, finished in 1:17:xx which is awesome!
Wednesday – Unplanned rest. I ended up taking the day off of work since I felt under the weather, and missed kickboxing as a result. 
Thursday – Planned to do 5 miles with hills, did 1.5. Felt pretty miserable still so I cut it short.
Friday – Planning to hit up hot yoga after work today.

Total miles: 18.25

Tomorrow I’m running a 5k and hoping my legs are up to a speedy one. 🙂 It’ll be race #7 of my 13 in 2013 goal and my 4th in-person race of the year!


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