Friday Fitness Recap – May 10

10 May

This week has been all about recovery. Mentally and physically I am feeling burnt out with running. So I took it low this week with the mileage post-Pittsburgh and am starting to work in cross training to keep things interesting until I have to start training for my next race.

Saturday – Rest
Sunday –  Pittsburgh Half Marathon (3:17:09)
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Slow Walk/Run – 2 miles (33 mins)
Wednesday – EA Active (30 mins)
Thursday – Spinning (45 minutes), EA Active (30 mins)
Friday – Slow Walk/Run – 2.2 miles (37 mins)

Total miles: 17.3
Total time: 6.2 hrs

This weekend I want to get in a mid-length run (6 miles or so) to really shake out my legs. It all depends how tired they feel though.

For the next few weeks I’m planning to do EA Active x4s a week (it has some good arm and core work in it), run easy, shortish distances 3xs a week and spin 2xs a week. Hopefully this will give me a little break from running while working on some other areas of my body that I tend to neglect when I’m in full on training.

Have a good weekend!!!


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