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22 May

Good morning! I hope your weekend was great and your weekend is off to a good start.

It’s been a lot of the same ol’ over here. I’ve been taking spinning classes and trying to be okay with not getting in major running mileage. I also went to a Zumbathon on Sunday evening. About two songs in I realized that I am not in Zumba shape anymore. haha. It was a good time anyhow (and yay for burning 870 calories).Β 

I am getting more and more comfortable with spinning. And have very little *ahem* crotch soreness anymore. Major plus. I am also seeing some slimming in my thighs which is reassuring. I’m hoping that once I start running more again I may still be able to spin once a week. It’s a nice change of pace.

It’s been pretty humid in central PA this week so not only has my hair doubled in size but the runs I’ve done have been slow. It’s like running through pea soup! I’m really hoping to squeeze in a long slow run this weekend, I really miss them and their head-clearing properties. I’m also probably going to be doing a memorial day race which will be number 11 of the year!

So that’s what’s been happening. Mostly I’m just psyched that its finally warm around here, even if we did sort of skip “spring.” I’m enjoying wearing flip flops, sun dresses and running in tank tops!


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