Friday Fitness Recap – May 24

24 May

This week was good. I hit all of my planned runs and got in a bunch of spinning.

Saturday – EA Active (30 mins)
Sunday –  5k on the treadmill (40 mins), Zumbathon (2 hrs)
Monday – EA Active (30 mins)
Tuesday – Spinning (45 mins), EA Active (30 mins)
Wednesday – 3 mile walk/run (51 mins)
Thursday – 3 mile slow run (42 min)
Friday – Spinning + Core (45 mins), EA Active (hopefully)

Total miles: 9 miles
Total time: 7 hrs

This weekend I really, really want to get in a long, slow run. I didn’t get it in last weekend because of the Zumbathon, but I think I need it mentally right now. I hope I can fit it in! I’m also doing a Memorial Day race on Monday which will be a nice change of pace.

Have a great (long) weekend!


One Response to “Friday Fitness Recap – May 24”

  1. Jen May 24, 2013 at 4:02 pm #

    Great week and hope you get in that run this weekend 🙂

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