Friday Fitness Recap – July 5

5 Jul

Hey there!! I hope that if you’re in the USofA your holiday yesterday was a great one! We played it low-key and sort of stuck around home and found a close by place to view the fireworks from. I was planning to do a 4k race but when I woke up I was REALLY REALLY not feeling it. I got in a run later in the evening though, and did it like the race would have been – 1 mile warm up (which I walked) and then 4k of running. My coach wanted me to hit 11:00 pace (is she nuts?! ha) but I ended up around 11:30, coming in at 28:35.

Overall, my week went great and I hit all of my work outs. I do think I could have pushed myself harder on the hills on Tuesday. My heart rate monitor didn’t show as much of a burn as I expected. Lesson learned.

Saturday – Rest
Sunday –  7 miles (1:30:16)
Monday – 3 miles easy (35:24), EA Active arms and core (30 min)
Tuesday – 4 miles hills (55:10)
Wednesday – EA Active arms and core (30 min)
Thursday – 3.4 miles – 1 mile walk, 2.4 @ 11:30 (45:57)
Friday – Spinning + Core (45 mins)

Total miles: 17.4 miles
Total time: 5.5 hrs

Next week I’ll be starting up a Zumba session again over my lunch break on Thursdays. But my running schedule and everything else will stay the same. I just needed to mix it up a little, and since a friend is doing it with me I figured I would be a little more motivated.

Have a good weekend!!


One Response to “Friday Fitness Recap – July 5”

  1. mizunogirl July 5, 2013 at 4:28 pm #

    You do a nice job of mixing it up. Hills are my nemesis, just about smoked me today….

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