Checking in on my goals

7 Jul

At the beginning of the year I posted my goals both personal and for my fitness. I wanted to do a little check-in to see if I’m still on target.

– Keep on running, zumbaing and kickboxing.  So far so good! Kickboxing is on a hiatus until September but I’ll start up again then. I’ll be starting Zumba this week for a few weeks but it will drop off again once kickboxing starts up. I also have started to take spinning which was unexpected but I really enjoy for a change of pace.

– YOGA! Okay. I suck at this one. Big time.

– Drink more water!!! Working on it. The past couple of weeks I have learned about the amazingness of adding lemons and/or limes to water (I know, I know) and it has made it so much easier to drink more water. I also had to find a water bottle that was easy to drink from. I know it sounds silly but the water bottle I had at work had a slow flow so I just didn’t drink as much at once. Once I found the Nalgene On The Go bottles, I bought one for work and one for home. It helped to take the “work” out of hydrating. As silly as that may sound.

– Race. Race. Race.  Specifically, do 13 races. I completed this goal with the Color Me Rad 5k a few weeks ago. But I since I included some virtual races the first time around, I’m secretly hoping to hit 13th real life races before the year is out.  It shouldn’t be too tough to hit it though – I’m already up to 10: Disney Half Marathon, Disney Marathon, 811 Run 8k, April Fool’s Day 5k, Hershey 10k, Beaver Stadium Run 5k, Pittsburgh Half Marathon, Memorial Day Race, Dirty Girl Mud Run and Color Me Rad 5k. Whew. I’ve got 5 races already planned for the rest of the year (four of which I am registered for).

– Read. I enjoy reading, but for some reason I never make the time for it. I’m getting better but I still tend to get distracted. I gotta keep working on this one over the rest of the year.

– Finish the basement of our house. We are now wondering if we want to actually get the work done to finish our basement right now.

– Landscape the backyard.  Not yet. oy, house stuff like this is just hard to get motivated to get one.

– Furnish our first floor. DONE. Thank goodness we got this one finished! Our house interior finally feels like a home! 🙂

– Build more savings. Always a work in progress but we are getting there.

Somethings are already completed on my list but others I have really slacked on… it was good to check in on it all. Here’s to the next 6 months!


One Response to “Checking in on my goals”

  1. Amanda @ There Are 2 Sides July 8, 2013 at 11:51 am #

    I have not thought of my 2013 goals in a while…maybe I should check in with them too!

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