13 Aug

whew. Things have been a little crazy around here. But I’m still here, promise!

I wanted to check in a share a few things that I’ve discovered (and love) and what I’ve been up to!

PB&J Balls!!! I have Monica to thank for this idea.

Just four ingredients – oats, peanut butter, protein powder, jelly. I use a 2:2:1:1 ratio (Monica’s version is all equal parts). 



Just mix everything together and roll into balls. Stick in the fridge.


I’ve been making a double batch which makes about 10ish. Love love love them. I make a batch on sunday and take a few for a sweet at work every day. Perfection.

Clearly the hubby thinks so too – note the missing ball in the above photo. 🙂

Challenges, challenges, challenges.

I’m currently participating in a 30 day plank challenge with some friends. Yesterday I held a forearm plank for 1:30. Yikes my abs were screaming. We’ll end up at 5:00 by the of the 30 days. Holy crap that seems impossible right now.


Half Marathon training is going well. I ran 9 hot, humid, dehydrated miles this weekend and am feeling good. I love having variety week to week with speedwork, easy runs, hills and long runs. The 9 miles counted for my Run S’more Virtual Run.


Run S’more was my 14th race of the year (4th virual). woo! Can’t wait to get that medal in the mail.

I’m also really starting to look seriously into a strength training program like New Rules of Lifing for Women. I’m convinced some sort of weight training will also help me get rid of these last few lbs. But I sort of have to figure out logistics and see how I can fit it in becuase I’d probably need to join a gym to do this. 

So that’s what I’ve been up to. What about you?





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