Friday Fitness Recap (Jan 24, a little delayed!)

27 Jan

So here I am on Monday, doing a Friday Fitness Recap. haha. Don’t judge, okay? 🙂

Last week I couldn’t squeeze in my 4th run – I had a lot going on with after work events and even with doing some early morning workouts to fit things in, I just couldn’t get it in.

I also had to miss Yoga because of a work meeting (it is over my lunch break). So, hopefully thid week I’ll be able to get everything in.

Saturday – BodyPump & RPM
Sunday – Run: 4 miles with some speed work
Monday – BodyPump
Tuesday: Run: 3 miles easy, CXWork (an abs and arms class), Sh’bam
Wednesday: RPM
Thursday: Run: 3 miles with some speed work, BodyPump
Friday: Rest

Total Miles: 10 (meh)

Runs: 3/4, BodyPump: 3/3, RPM: 2/2, Yoga: 0/1

And since it is Monday, here’s what I did over the weekend:

Saturday: Run: 5 miles easy
Sunday: BodyPump and RPM

I’m reminding myself to thoroughly enjoy my last week of training plan free runs. Next week I start training again. My first big race is the Pittsburgh Half Marathon at the beginning of May!


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