Tracking Water Intake

3 Mar

In my 2014 Goals post I mentioned that I wanted to get better about drinking water. Well I think I have found something to keep me motivated – at least for now.  I am really motivated by rewards, even if it’s as simple as a message saying “Perfect score for you!” What can I say, I am a goal/reward oriented person. 

Anyhow, I was looking around the Google Play App store, because I have an Android phone, and came across an app called Carbodroid.  Basically the premise is that you track your water intake, and as you get close to your goal water intake the guy becomes happier and happier.

So far (and by so far I mean for the past 7 days) it seems to be working.  I apparently don’t like a sad face.


Right now he’s mildly entertained – I’ve still got half the day left. 😉

I’m pretty good at tracking it during the work day, but the weekends were a lot harder because of being out of a routine.

I’ve heard there are similar apps for the iPhone, though obviously have no experience with them.

Whatever works right?



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