Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training (Week 6)

21 Mar

Week 6! Wow. This training cycle has gone fast, I am half way through!!

I had to adjust a little bit this week because of our basement renovations starting (which means my treadmill is out of commission for about a month), and due to some after work plans. Overall though, I got it done.

Saturday – Rest (Traveling home from vacay)
Sunday – BodyPump* + 3 miles easy
Monday – 3 miles hills
Tuesday – 4 miles race pace + Sh’Bam* + BodyPump
Wednesday – RPM + Yoga + 3 miles at race pace. This was supposed to be speed work but since I ran it outside my legs  I didn’t feel like focusing on intervals. Instead I unintentionally came in a little faster than race pace. It was a good mistake though, I felt really good at that pace.
Thursday – BodyPump
Friday – Rest

*Links for more information: BodyPumpRPM and Sh’Bam.

This weekend I’ve got a 9-miler on tap (and it looks like the weather will cooperate for it – fingers crossed!), and I am planning to get in BodyPump and RPM.

Also planned… doing our taxes. ugh.

Have a good weekend!


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