Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training (Week 10)

18 Apr

I was able to get back into a groove this week since I wasn’t traveling mid-week, and it felt good! I am getting excited that there are only 2 more weekend long runs until race day! yay! In addition, I am loving BodyAttack more and more!!! I took at 6am class this week which was a GREAT way to start the day. I plan on swapping out one of my RPM (Spinning) classes to do this when possible.

Saturday – BodyPump

Sunday – Hershey 10k! Recap coming soon!

Monday – 3 miles easy + RPM – I got to do this run outside over my lunch break, it was great to run outside in the nice weather we were having that day. Made it an easy one since my calfs were feeling a bit tight from the hills during the Hershey 10k the previous day.

Tuesday – 3 miles easy + Sh’Bam + BodyPump – I got to do this run outside too, yay! I did it in the early morning instead of over lunch to free up my work day a bit. My legs were still really tight so I took it real easy with plenty of walk breaks. Also did Sh’Bam and BodyPump in the evening.

Wednesday – BodyAttack – My gym is trying out a 45 minute format and it was awesome and super intense. Being done by 6:45am was great though. I had a major endorphin rush!

Thursday – 3 miles hills on the treadmill + BodyPump – Was planning to do 5 miles but, I had limited time, read yesterday’s post about the trouble with mid-week longish runs for my thoughts on my struggle with planned runs like this.

Friday – P90X3 Yoga X – The hubby is currently doing P90X3 and since my legs and hips have been feeling tight I did the Yoga X video this morning. It was great to get up and move despite it being a rest day. But I also don’t feel like I pushed myself *too* hard. I should be good to go for tomorrows long run!

*Links for more information: BodyPumpRPM, Sh’Bam, BodyAttack

Total Miles: 15.2
Strength Work Classes: 3 (goal of 3 a week)
Cardio Classes: 3 (goal of 2 a week)
Yoga Classes: 1 (goal of 1 a week)

Tomorrow I have an 11 mile run planned, and Sunday I’m hoping to squeeze in the first 45 minutes of a BodyPump class before I have to head out to shower and head to Easter Brunch.

Have a great weekend guys and a great Easter if that is your thing!


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