Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training (Week 11)

25 Apr

Ohh boy. This upcoming week is the last week before Pittsburgh! So exciting!!!

The basement is finished being finished (ha) and we got my treadmill set up over the weekend, so I am back to a more normal routine. I missed my early morning runs!!!

Thank you all so much for your awesome suggestions on how to fit in mid-week longish runs. I loved the idea of splitting it into 2 runs on the same day, and also making sure I’m fueling properly. My energy level seems to be low at the end of the work day so the fueling thing may be my problem. I did manage to fit in a Tuesday 5-miler this week by waking up super early and that is the last one for this training cycle, but I will definitely be using some of your suggestions once marathon training starts up (eek!).

Saturday – 11 miles!

Sunday – Rest day – Easter eating 😉

Monday – 3 miles hills in AM + RPM in PM

Tuesday – 5 miles easy in AM + Sh’Bam + BodyPump in PM

Wednesday – BodyAttack – Still loving 6am Attack!!

Thursday – 3 miles speed on the treadmill in AM + BodyPump in PM – I saw some serious gains this week with my strength training. I am ready to up my weight for some of the BodyPump tracks – specifically, chest, triceps and biceps. I am so excited about this because triceps and biceps I haven’t been able to increase weight for since I started!

Friday – Rest day.

*Links for more information: BodyPumpRPMSh’BamBodyAttack

Total Miles: 22!!
Strength Work Classes: 2 (goal of 3 a week)
Cardio Classes: 3 (goal of 2 a week)
Yoga Classes: 0 (goal of 1 a week)

Tomorrow I originally had 10-12 miles planned, but then I found out that the new BodyPump release is coming out at my gym. New releases are a ton of fun and I’d hate to miss out on it so, instead I am planning on running to the gym, doing BodyPump and running home. It’ll be a total of about 7 miles.  I asked for some advice on facebook about whether I should do this, and it was a resounding yes, so that is my plan!

Sunday will be an active day too, though not running-wise. My friends and I are doing our traditional #10milestowaffles – a 10 mile walk followed by a brunch! Our first one started during my Goofy training when I wanted some company for a long walk during training. Since then we have done it two more times, so this will be #10milestowaffles fourth edition!

Have a good weekend!! 🙂


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