Friday Fitness Recap (May 23)

23 May

I have been enjoying this in between time before I start training for the Wineglass Marathon. I have been trying to keep my mileage up while still giving myself time to recover from Pittsburgh. I’ve had a couple times where I couldn’t fit a run in like I planned to, but I’m not too worried about it. I’ve got the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill 5k and Half in two weeks so I can’t completely slack. πŸ™‚

Here’s the past two weeks –

Saturday May 10 – 3 easy

Sunday May 11 – BodyPump* + RPM*

Monday May 12 – 3 miles easy

Tuesday May 13 – 4 miles easy + BodyPump + Sh’Bam*

Wednesday May 14 – BodyAttack*

Thursday May 15 – Unplanned rest – I woke up with a stomach ache and ended up taking a sick day from work. Felt fine by the evening though, go figure.

Friday May 16 – Rest day

Total Miles: 10 (meh)
Strength classes: 2 (goal of 3)
Cardio classes: 2 (goal of 2)


Saturday May 17 – 4.5 easy – this was supposed to be 7 but I got some horrible shin splints which made me realize it was time to swap out shoes.

Sunday May 18 – BodyPump

Monday May 19 – 3 miles hills

Tuesday May 20 – 1 mile easy – was supposed to be 3 but I didn’t feel great this morning. Instead I foam rolled. + RPM + BodyPump

Wednesday May 21 – Body Attack + 4 miles easy

Thursday May 22 – BodyPump + 2 miles speed work – these two miles were to make up for Tuesday.

Friday May 23 – Rest day

Total Miles: 14.5
Strength classes: 3Β (goal of 3)
Cardio classes: 2 (goal of 2)

*Links for more information:Β BodyPump,Β Sh’Bam,Β BodyAttack, RPM

Tomorrow I plan to do 10 miles, and Sunday I am going to the gym for BodyPump and RPM, should be a good time. I’ve got a long weekend this weekend for Memorial Day and I can’t wait!!!

Enjoy your holiday or regular weekend πŸ™‚


2 Responses to “Friday Fitness Recap (May 23)”

  1. mizunogirl May 23, 2014 at 6:05 pm #

    Enjoy the long weekend. I’ve been craving this one!!! Yahoo!

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