Wineglass Marathon Training (Week 11)

22 Aug

Week 11! This week felt much better than last week, maybe partially since I had to push my 16 miler to last friday and took the entire weekend off since we had company. That gave me more rest days than normal!

Saturday – Rest day

Sunday – Rest day

Monday – 4 Miles of speedwork – more 1200s, I am really hating 1200s. haha

Tuesday – BodyPump*

Wednesday – 10 miles at marathon pace. It took some planning to have the time to run for 2 hours after work on a week day but I did it and it was so worth it! I did this one on the treadmill because of some unpredictable weather and enjoyed watching The Hunger Games while I ran. It made the time fly by! I practiced my race day strategy (since this was a race pace run) of taking a 1 minute walk break every mile and taking in fuel every 45 minutes. It worked well!

Thursday – BodyAttack* + BodyPump

Friday – I’m hoping to fit in some P90x Yoga or possibly a BodyFlow* class after work. If not this will be a rest day.

Total Miles: 14 – however, technically last weeks 16 miler would count to this week which would make it 30. 😉

*Links for more information: BodyPump, BodyAttack, BodyFlow

This weekend will be a cut back in mileage which is nice. I’ll probably feel like I have a TON of free time, haha. I’ve got 12 miles planned for tomorrow and on Sunday I’m hoping to do my BodyPump + RPM combo since I skipped RPM on wednesday to save my legs for the pace run.

Have a great weekend!!!


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