Wineglass Marathon Training (Week 16)

26 Sep

Oh boy, one more week! Race day is a week from Sunday. Commence: freak out.  Okay not really, more like excitement/bring antsy/nerves/questioning my sanity/questioning my readiness. This week was a significant cut in mileage, especially because I had to bump my 13 miler to last week due to traveling over the weekend. So my week looks at bit sparse mileage wise. The good news is I got in all the workouts I planned. The bad news is that I am now done with BodyPump until after race day.

Oh and the 13 miler I bumped to last friday? I rocked it. It was super speedy, I felt great the entire time, and I think I finally figured out how to mentally keep myself motivated through the longer runs even if my pace isn’t consistent. I have struggled with getting bummed out early on if my mile splits aren’t exactly what I want them to be for every single mile. But having that expectation is obviously pretty unrealistic. So I found thinking in 3 mile chunks, and doing the math in my head to figure out what my time should be when I hit the end of the next 3 miles, worked beautifully for me. Hopefully this is something I can keep up with during the marathon.

Saturday – Rest

Sunday –Rest

Monday – 4.5 miles of speedwork (1000m repeats)

Tuesday – BodyAttack* + BodyPump*

Wednesday –RPM*

Thursday – BodyPump

Friday – 4 mile tempo run – this run felt SO hard. I think I am over having to get in anything over than 3 miles in a non-speedwork workout during the week.

Total Miles: 8.5 (though technically the 21.5 due to pushing my 13 miler forward to friday, you gotta do what you gotta do).

*Links for more information: BodyPump, RPM, BodyAttack

This weekend will reflect the beginnings of my final reduction in mileage as I’m only running 8 miles on Saturday. “Only.” Funny how your perspective changes huh? And instead of my beloved BodyPump+RPM combo on Sunday I’ll be settling for BodyFlow – a Les Mills yoga-like class. I think it’s going to feel like I have a ton of free time this weekend, I just hope I don’t go crazy. 😉

Have a good weekend guys!

One Response to “Wineglass Marathon Training (Week 16)”

  1. mizunogirl September 26, 2014 at 9:32 pm #

    Good Luck at Wineglass!!! going to be such a great race! I’m in the opposite as this week, we started to ramp up. If all goes as it should be about 40 miles this week, yes, I feel tired!

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