2014 Goals In Review

4 Feb

Hey there,

I just wanted to check in on how I did in my goals that I made for 2014!

My theme for my goals for 2014 was really all about getting stronger, mentally and physically.  And I think I succeeded in doing just that.

Healthy Living

Strength Training. Strength Training. Strength Training.  This was a huge success. BodyPump has been great for me and I feel myself becoming much stronger because of this.

I recently posted this on instagram but wanted to share a little BodyPump “Before and Current”… my first #transformationtuesday post.

Run Marathon #2 – Wineglass Marathon in October.  Success! and I PRed. I finished this race strongly and happy after a very strong training cycle.

Wineglass Marathon (4)

Focus on water intake.  I ended the year on a strong note with this, but it’s still something I want to focus on.

Yoga. Okay this was a pretty big fail. I did great with it during the Marathon taper period but other than that didn’t do so great.

Quality over Quantity with races.  The Wineglass Marathon was my focus in 2014. I did less races overall but have no regrets. I also feel like I finished many of my half marathons in 2014 feeling good and strong (though no PRs).

Battlefield Pro Photo

Focus on fresh and unprocessed. I did really great with this. I try to cook fresh, unprocessed meals, most week nights and have become much more comfortable with cooking as a result.  A lot of this is do to meal planning and prep on weekends.  It made a huge difference for me.


Focus on far away friends. I wish I could say I did better this year, but I didn’t.

More reading.  I definitely read more books in 2014 than I have in a while, but this is something I want to continue to improve on.

Focus on living in the now. I really tried to live in the moment in 2014 and overall I think I was successful. There were definitely moments where I was stressed out and a bit anxious but for the most part I was able to stop myself from wishing any moments away or worrying about the future.

At Home

Finish the basement of the house.  We finished this in March. YAY! A finished basement is a great thing. 🙂

Paint the interior. No progress on this… hopefully in 2015.

Overall I am happy with how I did on my goals in 2014, but feel there are definitely some things to continue to work on in 2015. I’ll be sharing my 2015 goals in an upcoming post soon!


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