Block Island Organics Mineral Sunscreen (Product Review + Coupon Code)

30 Jun

Block Island Organics offered me a free bottle of their Natural Mineral Sunsceen in exchange for a blog review.  I volunteered for this opportunity, and all opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post.

I have slowly but surely trying to swap out my skin products for products that don’t contain harmful chemicals (this is a whole other blog post for another time). One of the first products my husband and I did research on was sunscreen. Over the past two years ago we have tried MANY brands of natural sunscreen.  While some have been better than others, they have always left something to be desired. Either they were overly thick and didn’t rub in well, they smelled a bit odd, or the packaging was too large for carry-ons when flying (this is a huge must for us since we don’t live overly close to the beach).  I am so excited to share a new product that I had the opportunity to try out that has solved all of these problems for me.

Block Island (1)

Block Island Organics Natural Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 30.

There are many awesome things about this product so I’m going to share them in bullet form:

  • Block Island Organics is a family owned company.
  • All Block Island Organics products (and this sunscreen) are free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes and artificial fragrances. Take a look at the label on the bottle:
    Block Island (3)Block Island (4)
  • Block Island Organics does not do animal testing and uses vegan-based formulas. As I said previously, I have been trying to swap out my products little by little and am so glad to have found something that is not only safe, but also kind to animals.  This is a huge plus in my book.
  • The texture of the sunscreen is very similar to the typical brands you would find on store shelves. It is thinner than all of the other natural sunscreens that I have tried and is not gritty at all. It also rubs into your skin very easily.Block Island (2)
  • Block Island Organics Mineral Sunscreen received a 1 rating in the EWG Skin Deep Database.
    Block Island EWG
  • The suncreen smells awesome – even better than typical sunscreens – I think it may be thanks to the eucalyptus in it.
  • The packaging of the sunscreen is 3.4 ounces – meaning I can put it in my carry-on when flying! YAY!

Overall, Block Island Organics Natural Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 30 is a great product and one that I will continue to use and buy as I run out.  It is by far the best natural sunscreen I have found and I highly recommend it.

Have I convinced you? If so, you can use coupon code ‘becca’ to get 15% off on their website. This code cannot be combined with other offers but will work on top of any site sale. Good through 7/6/15.  



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