Les Mills One Live Chicago!

3 Sep

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend Les Mills One Live in Chicago.  I am a huge Les Mills fan since my gym carries most of the formats, so when a few of us heard they were having a one day event in Chicago we knew we had to road trip and head west to get in on the action!  This was my first group fitness major event ever and I really had a blast.

On Thursday evening we headed over to the convention center where it was being held once we got into Chicago.  OneLive_1

My friends and I were some of the first people to check in for One Live!

On Friday after touring around Chicago (and getting in a glorious 6.5 mile run along the waterfront) we headed back to the convention center to catch the end of “The One” competition and see the keynote speaker. We also may have stood in line for an hour and a half for some official Les Mills and One Live merchandise at the Reebok store. #worthit Needless to say, getting to bed after midnight the night before the main event probably wasn’t the smartest of moves but the adrenaline carried us through Saturday.

We woke up bright and early to get to the conference center around 6 – we wanted to make sure to eat a good breakfast to fuel us through the day, and also have plenty of time to digest before GRIT Cardio @ 9:30.  Some starbucks oatmeal fit the bill and I felt full but not overly full and ready to take on the day!OneLive_1b

We had our work cut out for us! I planned to do BodyPump, GRIT Cardio, BodyVive, CXWorks, Sh’Bam, BodyAttack, RPM and BodyCombat


BodyPump kicked off the day at 7:15.


The energy was amazing!


There is nothing like doing BodyPump with 1200 others. Nothing.


After BodyPump we had a few minutes to sit down and down a Quest Bar before heading to GRIT Cardio.

GRIT was so much fun. It is the hardest Les Mills class for me, so I always dread it a little but the endorphin rush that you end with is amazing. The instructors are very hands on and in your face and the class size is smaller, so being able to experience that with three Les Mills trainers was so awesome.

After GRIT there was a small break before BodyVive.


BodyVive is a format that my gym does not carry so I was excited to try it for the second time. It was a nice change of pace since it has light cardio, resistance band work and a little bit of yoga-like moves.

After BodyVive I changed my clothes and got in line for CXWorks. In line we met up with everyone from our gym and were able to do the class together. It’s always fun to see familiar faces!

We had about 30 minutes between CX and Sh’Bam so I grabbed a mozzerella, basil and tomato sandwich and ate it super quickly. Real food! Yesss. The timing of our quick lunch was perfect since we knew Sh’Bam was not going to be anything super intense.


Sh’Bam WAS a blast though. It was like a big dance party!

Following Sh’Bam we got right in line for BodyAttack – my absolute favorite Les Mills class.


Clearly, I was psyched to do lunges, tuck jumps and run around the room with 1000 others!

My friend got this awesome video of myself (and a few others) tuck jumping during the second peak track.

Since Attack is my favorite, I gave 110% in that class and was completely and utterly drained when it was over.

Changing into fresh clothes, eating another Quest bar and sitting down for a bit felt amazing.

Then it was time for RPM.


I loved how some of the rooms were smaller than the huge room where BodyPump, Sh’Bam and Attack were. We were able to be so close to the instructors. I haven’t done RPM at my gym for a while, I’ve been feeling a bit blah about it. But wow, this class was amazing!! I can’t wait until they do this new release at my gym – I’ll be there. The music was awesome.

RPM reinvigorated us a bit – it was nice to do something low impact and be sort of sitting down.

After RPM we got in line for the last class of the day – BodyCombat. The energy for this class was awesome. It was a great way to end a long, amazing and tiring day!!!


I was shocked at how good I felt throughout the day. Fueling was definitely imperative and I think pure excitement got us through EIGHT classes!

We spent Sunday driving back to Pennsylvania, with surprisingly minimal soreness.  Monday I was back at the gym for BodyAttack. But oh man, on Tuesday and Wednesday the fatigue really set in. I ended up taking a few hours off of work for some extra shut eye!

One Live was a blast and if you are a Les Mills fan I definitely recommend checking it out. I hope to go back again in a few years!

*Special thanks to my friends I attended with for providing some of the photos/videos.


4 Responses to “Les Mills One Live Chicago!”

  1. specialkkluthe September 6, 2015 at 9:10 am #

    Wow, that is intense! I’ve never done a Les Mills class… they sound intriguing!

    • Becca September 8, 2015 at 11:10 am #

      I definitely recommend checking out a Les Mills class if you ever have a chance!!! On lesmills.com there is a class locator I think.


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