Weekly Workout Recap – #2halfs1wknd weeks 11 & 12

20 Oct


Weeks of October 5-11 and October 12-18.
Training for Two Half Marathons in One Weekend – Weeks 11 & 12

The last two weeks have definitely been a mixture of up and down for me!  The first full week in October I was excited to really get back into my routine (after being out of town and traveling a lot in the month of September). I started off the week strong, with a double workout day on Monday. Unfortunately after I got home from GRIT Strength I had excruciating pain in my finger.  Ice wouldn’t even dull it.  I was having issues opening doors, and basically doing anything with my right (dominant) hand. So Tuesday morning I went to the doctor who sent me for an x-ray.  It ended up being nothing but a strain, but for that entire week I was unable to do cross training or BodyPump because any pressure on my hand was unbearable. Luckily I was still able to get my runs in. I have never been so grateful for “only” to be a hand injury!  On the weekend I had an amazing double run weekend and was able to run to and from the gym and get in a spin class to break up my 6 miles planned for Saturday. On Sunday I had a very strong run and I ran a little extra to hit 6.2 to see what my time would be. I came 10 seconds under my PR which was an awesome feeling.

Monday 10/5 – BodyAttack in the AM, GRIT Strength in the PM.

Tuesday & Wednesday – Rest day on account of an injured finger. 😦

Thursday – 3 miles easy

Fall! #runchtime

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Friday – 3 miles + 6 strides

Saturday – 3.5 miles + spinning class + 2.5 miles

Sunday – 6.2 miles – I hit a 10k PR with the pace I ran which was pretty exciting!!

Last week I was able to head back to BodyPump – but only for one day since I had to taper for my first race of the fall!  The half marathon on Saturday exceeded my expectations and I ended up PRing by 16 minutes! I was checking my watch the entire time to make sure I was doing my math properly because I just couldn’t believe it!  I’ll have a race recap of Saturday up soon.

Monday 10/12 – 3 miles + 6 strides easy in the AM, BodyAttack in the PM

Tuesday – BodyPump in the AM

Wednesday & Thursday – Rest Days (planned)

Friday – 2 miles easy, picking up the pace in the last half mile.

Saturday – Monster Mash Half Marathon – Official Time was 2:34:42 – I big ol’ PR!!!! Race recap coming soon!!

Sunday – 3 miles easy

I’ve got two weeks until #2halfs1weekend so I plan to try to fit in BodyPump and some BodyFlow this week, and then next week I’ll be tapering again!

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