Tussey Mountainback Relay Race Race Recap

29 Oct

On October 25 I ran the Tussey Mountainback Relay Race.  This race is a 50 miler through the local Tussey Mountain and Rothrock State Park. There is also a relay option and I ran on a team of 8 people with my gym.

I ran leg 8 which was 4.3 miles and described as “some flat, then gently downhill.”  Yesss.

I ran around 12:15pm and by that time was more than ready. I had watched 7 of my team members head off for their legs and complete them at blazing speeds so I had quite a bit of nervous energy.

I am not as fast as the others on my team but I wanted to try to keep up so I really hoped I could finish under 11 minute miles, and definitely finish under 50 minutes.

The scenery was gorgeous! It was an awesome fall day. It was a bit chilly standing around outside, but once I started running I felt perfect.

Mountainback (1)

The coolest part was being passed by all the relay vehicles – especially the one my team was driving.

Mountainback (2)

It was also really inspiring to run with the Ultra-marathoners who were more than half way through their race.

The first mile was downhill and I had a ton of energy. The 2nd had a bit of an uphill, as did the beginning of the third.

The last mile was a glorious fast downhill. It was awesome.
Mountainback (4)

I pushed myself the entire way and told myself to suck up the discomfort and get through the 4.3 miles as quickly as my legs would take me.  My team was waiting for me.

Mountainback (3)

I hit and surpassed my goal, coming in at 10:12 minute miles – something I really didn’t expect or think was possible.  I’m so proud I was able to prove to myself that I could hold that pace for that long. I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.


One Response to “Tussey Mountainback Relay Race Race Recap”

  1. YOUR NUMBER TWO FAN DAYANA October 29, 2015 at 9:44 pm #

    IM SO PROUD! You’re so strong!!!

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