2015 Goals in Review

30 Dec

Today I wanted to reflect on how I did with my goals for 2015.

Funny story before we get to that though. Apparently, I never POSTED my 2015 goals. haha. Instead my post about my goals sat in my drafts and never got published. oops!  Anyhow, here are my reflections on what I had written…

The biggest and most important goal for me this year was to get mentally stronger. I wanted to push my mental and physical boundaries to prove to myself that I was stronger than I believed.

Getting Stronger Mentally and Physically

  • Attend GRIT Regularly (twice a week when possible) – I took my first GRIT class about a year ago and it challenged me in ways I had never been challenged. It is 30 minutes of exercises with the purpose to get your heart rate as high as possible. During every single class you hit a point where you feel you can’t physically finish. But then you dig a little deeper and you complete the reps. GRIT has been a game changer for me. It has forced me to face my fears, and I have gotten much stronger physically since including this class in my regular routine.
  • Take a BodyStep class – The reason for this goal was to force myself to face my fear of the step/bench (see a post with more details here). It was also the only class at my gym I had not taken so I wanted to force myself out of my comfort zone. I went about half a dozen times, and probably will occasionally go back. But it is just not a class I love, and since I already have limited opportunities to fit things in, it has not become a regular class for me.
  • Get faster in running – Thanks to the mental toughness I developed as a result of GRIT, I smashed a bunch of my PRs this year.  It was a long time coming!
    • 5k – My previous 5k PR was set all the way back in April of 2010. This year at the Mt. Nittany 5k I cut 1:50 from my time, finishing in 31:10. I am also very proud to finish the Rock n Roll Savannah 5k in the top 50% of my gender, age group and overall.
    • 10k – I did not expect to PR at the Hershey 10k this year since the course is a bit hilly, but I did just that. I cut exactly 4 minutes off my previous PR (set in April 2013) finishing in 1:47:47.
    • Half Marathon – The half marathon is my favorite distance and one that I had not PRed in since May 2011.  This year I PRed a total of three times – in May cutting 5:36 from my time, in mid October cutting another 16:08 from my time, and two weeks later cutting another 3:52 from my time, finishing in 2:30:50.  If you’re counting, that means I cut a total of 26:36 off my PR time.  I am shocked and can only attribute this to not being quite as afraid of discomfort as I used to be, thanks to GRIT. I have always wanted to finish in the 2:30s, and to do that comfortably, multiple times, and end the year at 2:30:50 is something I am very proud of.
  • Run 750 miles in the year – I completed this goal with about a week to spare!

I have spent a fair amount of energy over the past few years finding the right combination of running and cross training. I wanted to also focus on my nutrition this year. It paid off, because I lost 3% of my body fat (according to BodPod measurements taken a year apart) and also lost about 10 lbs. It was never my goal to lost pounds, but I did want to redistribute my weight and gain muscle.


  • Drink more water consistently – Thanks to the help of apps like Water Logged and Plant Nanny, I have been much more successful with drinking ~90 ounces of water a day. When I don’t drink that much I can tell. I don’t feel well.
  • Be more diligent with food choices – I feel I have been relatively successful with this over 2015. Of course there are times when I feel like it gets a bit out of control (uhhh, Christmas cookies anyone?) but I do feel I have struck a good balance. I have tried to be much more deliberate in my food choices. If I want the pizza, I have the pizza and I enjoy the pizza. I try to balance the pizza out with a few servings of vegetables, at least. 🙂
  • Be consistent with meal planning and prepping – This has been SO key for me in being successful with eating. I don’t consider myself a cook – I always need a recipe! But I have created a list of recipes that work for dinner and lunch, and a list of breakfast ideas. Every week I create time to create a plan for meals for the next week, based on what our schedule looks like. From there I grocery shop based on a list, which reduces impulse buys, and chop all vegetables, cook grains and mix marinades before the week even begins. It’s much easier to decide to cook at home and say no to ordering take out when all you have to do is throw some vegetables in a pan or in the oven.  It’s also much healthier (usually), and much MUCH cheaper.

As always, fitness and nutrition are only part of my overall goals for any given year. Many of my other goals are very personal, but below are a few I wanted to share.


  • Paint the house – This has been on my goals since 2012 I think. haha. Hopefully 2015 is the year! For real.
  • Hit our goal for emergency savings by the end of 2015 – We were successful with this and are thrilled! As of our next pay checks we will be able to direct the money we were putting towards our emergency fund towards saving for other goals.

I’ll have a post about my 2016 goals up shortly after the first of the year! I hope the rest of 2015 is good to you and here’s to 2016!


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