Weekly Workout Recap: 5/2 – 5/8

10 May


Hey there! I’m a day late with my workout recap (again), whoops!  Last week was full of some good ol’ recovery from the Pittsburgh Half. Speaking of which, I’ll have a recap of that race up soon!  Anyhow, I got in some extra BodyFlow the day after the race and spent a good amount of time on the bike! I’m getting more and more comfortable which is great.

On Sunday I was planning an easy-ish day with just a 30 minute CXWORX (a core class) but then decided to bike to the gym and back for the class (it’s about 3.5 miles one way, but I added some extra distance on the way home).  And then my running group planned an early easy “trail” run for Mother’s Day/a Birthday and I just couldn’t resist joining. It was my first REAL trail run (I did a “trail” 5k last summer but it was really just through fields and stuff, hardly real trails) and there were moments when I was having a ton of fun and moments where I kind of hated it. haha. So I’m still not sure how I feel about the whole trail thing. and I guess Sunday didn’t end up being as easy as I planned afterall. Good thing I got in a full rest day earlier in the week!

Monday – A morning of loving sleeping in and 1 hour BodyFlow in the PM!

Tuesday – BodyPump in the AM, 3 mile progression run on the treadmill in the PM

Wednesday – 3 mile group run + 30 minute BodyFlow in the AM


Thursday – Rest

Friday – 5 mile group run in the AM + 3 mile out and back bike ride over lunch. We ran our 5 mile loop in the opposite direction which meant a huge hill at mile 4.5 but we kept pushing each other and made it up strongly! That’s the benefit of running with a group!!



Saturday – 8 mile progression run on the treadmill (since it was raining and a bit chilly outside, boo)

Sunday – 2.5 mile trail run in the early morning, 3.5 mile bike ride + CXWORX + 4.5 mile bike ride in the afternoon.


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