Weekly Workout Recap: 5/30 – 6/12

14 Jun


It’s been quiet around here since basically not much has happened the past 2 weeks. After Memorial Day weekend, which included the Path of the Flood Half Marathon (recap soon) and a Memorial Day race, my ankle was feeling stiff and uncomfortable. I ended up taking an entire week off of all exercise, which was not great. Naturally it became a stressful week in other areas of my life, when I normally would have turned to exercise for sanity. Figures!

Then, at the beginning of last week, I noticed I had some chest congestion. I decided (stupidly) to go back to my normal Monday 3 miler with my running group and struggled HARD the entire way, and had to slow down and walk for a good chunk of it. I just could not run through the heaviness in my chest. Then as I was talking to everyone after the run I almost passed out. I immediately went to the walk-in clinic concerned that that I had bronchitis or something. Luckily, the doctor believed it was just horrible allergies that were causing inflammation in my throat, and sent me on my way. I took Tuesday as a full rest day and then started easing into exercise again, since my congestion was largely clearing up. I started with some group exercise, and then tacked on a 1 mile run after BodyPump on Thursday to see how my ankle felt. The run was so hard (running after biking from the gym, yikes!) but my ankle felt pretty ok. Friday’s 5 mile group run went well (I took it slow and easy but had no pain), and then heading back to GRIT on Saturday worked out just fine. I even ended up biking from the gym to take my bike in for its “30 day checkup” and biked on some downtown roads, which was another huge step in feeling more comfortable on the bike.

So all in all, I have rested a ton, and hopefully I am ready to get back into things now. We will see! I don’t start marathon training for another month or so, so I plan to listen to my body, and rest more if I need it.

Here are the details in typical calendar-y form:

Monday 5/30 – Memorial Day Race (3.8 miles) with my running group

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Rest Day

Monday 6/6 – terrible horrible 3 mile group run

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – 30 minute Body Attack + CXWORX

Thursday – 3.5 mile bike ride to the gym + BodyPump + 3.5 mile ride home + 1 mile run

Friday – 5 mile run! YAY!!!

Saturday – 3.5 mile ride to the gym, GRIT Cardio, 30 minute BodyFlow, biking to the bike shop and then biking home (about 5 miles)

Sunday – BodyAttack, 5 miles of biking to and from my parents house.


2 Responses to “Weekly Workout Recap: 5/30 – 6/12”

  1. SKStaley June 15, 2016 at 11:14 am #

    Looking forward to your recap from the Johnstown run. I STILL haven’t forgotten how miserable I was!

    • Becca June 15, 2016 at 11:22 am #

      I haven’t either! So freaking hot…

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