Weekly Workout Recap: 6/13 – 6/26

28 Jun


Well hello there, long time no see. I know I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I’ve had quite a bit of stuff going on in my personal life (my birthday, friends moving away, family stuff, friends visiting from out of town) and I honestly haven’t been able to find much time outside of work to post. I’m hoping things will start to calm down a bit now though so I can get back on track with posting in time for marathon training to begin in August (!!!).

I owe you a few race recaps (yes, still), but in the meantime, here’s how the last two weeks have gone. I have gotten back into regular GRIT classes and running, but my ankle still feels a bit weak so I definitely don’t feel like I’m back to my full potential. I’m icing every night and plan to incorporate some spinning classes to hopefully rebuild some strength in my ankle. I’m also taking more running rest days than normal since I’m not actively training right now, but I’m hoping it pays off when training starts!

Monday 6/13 – 3 mile group run in the AM + GRIT Strength in the PM

Tuesday – BodyPump in the AM

Wednesday – 3 mile group run in the AM, CXWORX in the PM

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 6 mile group run in the AM + 3 miles of biking to lunch and back


Saturday (6/18 – My Birthday!) – GRIT Strength + 30 minute BodyFlow


Sunday – 6 mile group run in the HEAT.

Monday 6/20 – 3 mile group run in the AM, GRIT Plyo + 7 miles of biking to and from the gym in the PM

Tuesday – BodyPump in the AM

Wednesday – 3 miles with intervals with the running group + 30 minute BodyFlow in the AM, GRIT Cardio in the PM


Thursday – BodyPump in the AM

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Rest Days

Have a good week!




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