Weekly Workout Recap: 7/4 – 7/10

12 Jul



Hi all, happy Tuesday!

I’m planning on restructuring these posts a bit, because I feel like I end up repeating myself in this beginning stuff and in the daily writeups. So, instead I’ll keep this beginning stuff brief and put more details in for each day. Sound good?

Last week was a bit unusual because of the July 4th holiday and my need for a rest day (it had been over a week, oops), but I still got in 3 runs (including a longer one) and 3 strength training sessions, so overall I am happy with how it went!  I have no plan to follow until the beginning of august anyhow, so I might as well enjoy myself.

Monday – Firecracker 4 mile race + biking to and from the race for a total of about 8.5 miles.  I ran the 4 mile race with my running group and we finished in 43:47 which is awesome! I did not expect us to come in under an 11 minute mile average because it was a pretty hilly course but we powered through and had a great race. I have never run a 4 mile race before, so it’s an automatic PR for me. 🙂 I loved biking to and from the race and getting more time and experience on the bike. It was a great way to spend a morning off of work.


Tuesday – BodyPump in the AM

Wednesday – 3 slow, awful, super hot miles in the early evening. Okay, I will try not to be too graphic here but if you don’t want to read about bodily functions move on down to Thursday. On Wednesday I went out for lunch and got a tofu sandwich that had avocado on it. The avocado tasted a little acidic but it looked fine so I didn’t think much of it.  My running group had to switch from running in the morning to running at 6:15pm due to some schedule conflicts, and it was unusually hot and sunny, given the summer we’ve had, when we met up (I think the real feel was 90 degrees).  The plan was to do a mile and a half easy, then 6 intervals, and a cool down for a total of three miles. I felt great for the first mile, but suddenly started to feel really sick to my stomach and asked to take a walk break. The ladies I was running with immediately started to worry that I was dehydrated, but I knew this felt very different than being dehydrated. It was more in my throat and stomach than anything else. By the time we reached 1.5 miles in and started the intervals, I had to walk the interval recoveries. I was feeling awful and like I was going to hurl. Long story short, I eventually did (totally embarrassing), and we walked most of the way back. It was absolutely that dumb avocado! I planned to attend a CXWORX class afterwards but knew that crunches and core work was probably not the best idea, so I went home and rested for the rest of the night. Luckily I felt much better once it was out of my system, so even though it completely messed up our run, the rest of the week went as planned.

Thursday – BodyPump in the AM

Friday – 8 miles.  This is the longest I’ve run since the Path of the Flood Half at the end of May and given how Wednesdays run went, I was honestly a bit nervous. But, I woke up at 4:30am to have time to eat a small breakfast, and met part of my running group to start running at 5:15am. We met up with some other folks 3 miles in which was the perfect spot for a water/gu break and ended up finishing the full 8 miles in 1:38 which was a perfect easy long run pace. I felt pretty good for most of the run so it was a great way to start the last work day of the week.


Saturday – BodyPump + 30 minute BodyAttack + 30 minute BodyCombat. This was a bit unusual but my favorite instructor at my gym is leaving, and he was teaching his three classes back to back to back and featuring his favorite tracks so I had to go! I never ever take BodyCombat, but it was fun to change it up and get in a third BodyPump for the week.

Sunday – REST DAY. Finally 🙂 Since I didn’t get in a rest day the week before I knew I had to fit it in.


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