Weekly Workout Recap: 7/18 – 7/24

25 Jul


Good afternoon and Happy Monday! Last week felt busy busy busy. Every day after work I had something going on, so I was a bit relieved when Friday evening came and there was nothing planned. I shifted a few workouts around to get in a full rest day and some extra sleep, and in the end was able to fit everything in.

Monday – GRIT Cardio + 45 minute BodyFlow in the PM.
After an unplanned late night SnapChat video chat (who knew you could do that??) with a good friend, I opted to sleep in instead of getting up to run. I didn’t want to start the work week off already low on sleep.

Tuesday – BodyPump in the AM, THE TRIP Immersive Cycling in the PM.
I had the super exciting opportunity to try out Les Mills new immersive cycling class called The Trip! They basically project a cycling course (through a city, for example) up on a huge screen, and the instructors sit next to you as they coach you up “hills” and down rabbit holes. It was so much fun, and I can’t wait to work this into my routine every few weeks! You can learn more about The Trip here.

Wednesday – 3 mile run in the AM, 30 minute BodyAttack + 30 minute CXWORX in the PM.
The three mile run was a 1 mile warm up, 4×1 minute intervals with 4 minute rest, and a cool down. The intervals felt awesome!


Thursday – Rest day.
This rest day was unplanned, but I honestly hadn’t planned a full rest day for the week anyhow. After a late night Wednesday night (I was out until 1am…oops) I was in no condition to wake up for 5:30am BodyPump. So this became my rest day for the week. No complaints there.

Friday – 9 mile group run. I felt surprisingly good on this run, which was awesome given I haven’t run that far since the end of May! We made it up some crazy hills (that I have honestly always had to walk part of) with no issues which was awesome! That’s the power of a group run!


Saturday – GRIT Cardio

Sunday – BodyPump + 3 mile group run right after.
The run was sunny and warm, but we pushed through and even managed to negative split! woo!



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