Weekly Workout Recap: 7/25 – 7/31

1 Aug


It’s the beginning of a new week, a new month and a new training cycle! Marathon training starts today and I am feeling ready to tackle a new challenge. I look forward to sharing how week one goes,  but for now here’s how my last week training plan free went!

Oh and PS, I’ve finally got race recaps of my last three races coming up this week and next week, yay!

Monday – 3 mile group run in the AM, GRIT Strength in the PM

Tuesday – BodyPump in the AM

Wednesday – 3 mile group run in the AM, planned to go to CXWORX in the PM but got stuck at work late so I couldn’t make it, so I pushed it to later in the week.

Thursday – Rest day – going into the week I planned to take a rest day either Thursday or Sunday, so when the alarm went off and I didn’t feel like going to the gym, it became my rest day.

Friday – 5 mile group run in the AM, 30 minute RPM + 30 minute BodyPump + CXWORX in the PM. I felt really good and was able to push the pace a little over the 5 mile which was exciting and a bit surprising.



Saturday – GRIT Strength

Sunday – 3 miles easy – I slept in and paid for it with a lot of sun and hot temperatures. It was not a great run but I got it done.



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