Memorial Day Race (Race Recap)

5 Aug

On May 30th I ran the Memorial Day race. This race is a weird distance (3.8 miles) and the course is marked by 2 huge hills. It’s part of a memorial day festival that happens every year on memorial day weekend. I’ve done this race twice before, in 2011 and 2013 and both times finished around 48 minutes. I was convinced to do it this year by a few people in my running group, and we all agreed to run together. I hoped I could PR this and finish strong despite the hills and having done the Path of the Flood Half Marathon two days prior.

The race started right at 8:30. The first little bit goes through town before heading up the first hill around mile 0.75. Once you get to the top you turn around a head back down where you head up, before making a right and going up a second longer, steeper hill, turning around going down that hill, and running around a block to the finish.  The key to this race is not to loose a ton of time on the uphills. I knew having three other ladies with me pushing each other was going to help immensly heading up those hills.


Mile 1 – 11:50

Mile 2 – 11:59

Mile 3 – 11:43

Last 0.83 – 8:36 (10:20 pace)

Finish: 44:09 (11:02 pace)

I am so happy with our finishing time for this race – especially since it was a PR for me! There were some tough moments on mile 2, but we paced ourselves pretty well given the course, and since I was running on tired legs I couldn’t be happier with how I felt and how it went.


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