Route 66 Marathon Training – Week 2

15 Aug


Happy Monday! Marathon training week 2 is in the books! I got in all of my runs and a CXWORX class but did not get in GRIT or BodyFlow which was a major bummer. I’m hoping this week to fit those things back in. I did get in The Trip, which was awesome. I’ve been trying to fit some cycling in when I can to build some leg strength without impact, so I’m glad I made time for it last week.

Monday – 5 miles easy


Tuesday – The Trip Immersive Cycling

Wednesday – 4 miles with intervals – 1 mile warm up, 6x (10 sec building speed, 20 sec recovery, 10 sec sprint, 50 sec recovery), 2 ish mile cool down to hit 4 miles.

Thursday – BodyPump

Friday – 4 miles easy

Saturday – 10 miles easy, finished in 2:07. The humidity of this run was super high (someone said 90-some percent?) so we started at 6am. I am so glad we did because I was sweating buckets even that early. We stopped twice to drink water and I drank about 10 ounces each time + most of what was in my camelbak. I also experimented with taking a salt tablet about 3.5 miles in and it helped a TON. I felt great for most of the run and great after I got home and was well hydrated. I only wish I had weighed myself when I got home to see how much water I lost to see if I hydrated appropriately.


Sunday – CXWORX via Les Mills On Demand. Since I hadn’t fit in CXWORX last week or yet this week, and it wasn’t being offered at my gym later in the day, I decided to try doing it through Les Mills On Demand. I was super impressed that I got just as great of a work out at home as I usually do at the gym! I have a free trial for 10 days so I’ll probably do it this way this week as well.

In summary…

Total running miles: 23

Strength workouts: 1 (goal is 2 a week)

Core workouts : 1 (goal is 1 a week)

BodyFlow workouts: 0 (goal is 1 a week)


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