Route 66 Marathon Training – Week 4

29 Aug


Week 3 of marathon was a cut-back week, which honestly, heading into it I didn’t feel like I “needed.” Boy was I wrong. My body soaked up the overall reduction in mileage and not having to get amped up for a long run of over 10 miles was a nice change!

Monday – 6 miles easy in the AM, GRIT Plyo + 30 minute BodyFlow in the PM. The weather was finally cool and humidity free so it was really easy to run much faster. I ended the run with an 11:20 average pace (oops) despite trying to remind myself and my running buddies to slow it down.

Tuesday – BodyPump in the AM

Wednesday – 4.4 miles easy in the AM, GRIT Plyo + CXWORX in the PM. My run was supposed to be only 4 miles but we over judged the route and did 4.4. I was pretty excited to get in a second GRIT Plyo for the week (since Plyo is my nemesis) and it was great to finally get CXWORX in after missing it the last few weeks.


Thursday – BodyPump

Friday – 8 miles easy in the AM. This run was TOUGH. My legs felt like bricks, and I’m not sure if it was because I did 2 GRIT Plyos during the week, or if it was because the humidity made a return for this run. Regardless, it was a lesson that maybe I need to easy back on the GRITs and incorporate more stretching and foam rolling – 8 miles should not have felt as hard as it did a this point in training.

Saturday – 3 miles with hill repeats: 1 mile warm up+ 4 60 second hill repeats with recovery walking down the hill + 1 mile cool down. First hill repeats of the training cycle! I woke up around 7 on Saturday and went out at 8 am to get it done before the heat really set in. Each time I went up the hill I tried to make it a little further up in the 60 seconds than I had previously, and I was pretty successful in negative splitting from the first hill repeat to the fourth. I felt good during this run despite feeling crappy the day before.


Sunday – Rest!

In summary…

Total running miles: 21.4

Strength workouts: 2

Core workouts : 1

BodyFlow workouts: 1



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